Catherine “Cat” Ripley is a dedicated leader, public servant, veteran and educator. Cat is ready to advocate for students, faculty, staff members, and the greater Tucson community. 

About Cat


I am a retired Naval Officer, one of the first women to graduate from the Naval Academy, mother of two, former Diplomat, former International Business Executive, local non-profit organizer, educator and former Executive Director of the Pima County Democratic Party. I’ve lived all over the world, and I’ve taught at Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and Tufts. After 26 years in the Navy, I chose Tucson for my retirement and forever home.


I have been an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at PCC since 2015 and am passionate about everything we do there. It gives me more joy than you can imagine to be teaching a wide diversity of students who are hungry for education and hoping to change their lives and the world. I know and understand the importance of maintaining the continuum from pre-K through 12 and on to higher education. Investment in education is the greatest investment we can make. It will define the future of our nation. 


It takes leadership and communication skills to keep the checks and balances required to ensure that a board of this importance is looking out for the absolute best interests of students, faculty, staff members (both exempt and non-exempt), and the greater community.  Without Pima Community College, Tucson businesses would face dire challenges finding qualified, trained, and educated workers.  Most University students graduate and move out of state. PCC students will not.  They are here. This is their home. This is my home. 


Now is the time to take a stand in what you believe.  The education system in our state is in trouble. If education is your passion, please volunteer for our campaign. We seek to ensure that there is a voice on this governing board that will speak for the entire community. 

Can you help reach out to voters? We need volunteers like you to make this campaign a success!


Donations are critically important to our campaign! COVID has required our campaign to get creative, and make sure we are reaching voters safely. Your donation helps assure we are able to get the word out to our voters safely and effectively. Thank you for considering any amount through check or online by clicking below! Every vote matters. Every dollar matters!


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