Retired Naval Officer As one of the first women accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy, Catherine served for 26-years as a Line Officer.  Her career included leadership tours across the globe until her retirement at Special Operations Command fighting the War on Terror. She earned her Masters Degree in National Security Affairs while still in the Navy.


Professor Catherine was an Assistant Professor of Naval Science, Leadership and History at Harvard University, Boston University, M.I.T., Tufts University, and Northeastern. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Pima Community College.


Former U.S. Diplomat She served as a Defense and Naval Attaché and Chief of Defense Cooperation at U.S Embassies in Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, and Mauritius and The Hague. Catherine’s diplomatic skills were key to bi-lateral National Security issues in the years following 9-11.


Working Mom Catherine raised two children while traveling the world. After her Naval career, she led International Business Development efforts internationally at Raytheon in Tucson. She retired in 2015 to volunteer for local non-profits and to teach at Pima Community College. She is resolved to devote her time towards improving education for her community.

Why I'm Running

The most important job of the Pima Community College (PCC) Governing Board is to ensure that the goals and missions of the school are being set, achieved, and measured. 

Any organizational position of leadership holds a grave responsibility to its members to look out for their welfare and enable their success. 

The mission of PCC is “to provide affordable, comprehensive educational opportunities that support student success and meet the diverse needs of its students and the community.” I have the background, experience, skills, and temperament to provide the sound, fair, and strong leadership required to protect this mission and ensure its success.  As a career Naval Officer, Former Diplomat, Mother, Educator, and Community Leader, I wish to apply the full force of my skills and leadership experiences towards keeping PCC the thriving, robust, and dependable source for education that it proudly is, while pressing on to evolve with the times and plan for the future.

The heart and soul of Pima County lies within the local population who make this community work. They are the technicians, electricians, first responders, health care workers, teachers, skilled laborers, artists, and dreamers who make up our workforce and call Pima County their home. They are here to stay, and we need them.  In a post-COVID world, we will require them even more.  PCC provides one of the only avenues for affordable, accessible, and quality education for most of our population.  But, PCC’s very existence is threatened. Systematic cuts to State funding and dwindling enrollment that began in 2008 ended with complete defunding by 2009.  In a pandemic and post-pandemic world, this organization needs leaders who know how to crisis manage, strategically plan and make time-critical decisions. I have the skill-sets to fight to get funding back, facilitate current plans for reskilling and revamping,  and to implement the way forward in rebuilding and reinvigorating this college as we face a new and unknown future.  That future can be scary, or it can be exciting.  But now, more than ever, we need both strategic and tactical leadership.  I would love the opportunity to work with the current Governing Board and Chancellor as we face a tough couple of years ahead. 

Thank you.